Cooling Towers


We at Cozmik engineering are providing services and supplies of every type of cooling tower including Imported and Local both.

Niba, Spacco, Liangchi, Kingston, Nihon Spindle and Marley are examples of Imported Cooling Towers.

For Local we deal in Cooling Towers from FRP Engineers.

  • Annual master servicing of cooling tower.
  • Replacement of complete internal and external structure on G.I and SS based.
  • Washing of PVC fills.
  • Fan balancing of cooling towers through balancing machine.
  • Bearing replacement of motor and fan.
  • Descaling of PVC fills with approved chemicals.
  • Fiber pasting job.
  • Application of epoxy paint on complete structure.


  • FRP engineers made crossflow and counterflow towers.
  • Bottle type cozmik made cooling towers.
  • [IMPORTED] Turkish brand Niba made counterflow type cooling tower.
  • Supply of PVC fills.
  • PP material make Grid grills for high temperature cooling tower.
  • Sprinklers.
  • Showering Nozzles.
  • Fiber material made parts of cooling tower.
  • Internal and external structure of cooling tower (C & U channels) G.I and S.S based.
  • Fiber and Aluminium material make Fans of all brands of cooling tower.
  • Electric motors of all brands.
  • Motor and Fan pulley of all brands of cooling tower.

Pictorial of our Services and Supplies